VIP with Ian Hacon

As a VIP-Coached Client, you will have the help of Ian on a one-to-one basis to guide and support you on your journey. Ian will help guide you, using your data and reflections to challenge and hold you to account and make sure you are on the right path. You’ll also have access to Ian in group coaching sessions with a small group of peers to guide and support you on your journey. We'll guide you on how to do this, using your data and group discussions to inform you of the exact path to take.

Benefits of the VIP subscription plan

Choose this option if you want the support of our founder, Ian Hacon as a coach, and to share your outcomes and challenges with a small group – our ultimate package for the best accountability and action.

Monthly One-To-Ones with Ian Hacon

Monthly one-to-one coaching sessions with Ian. The sessions will help embed learning, help you overcome challenges and hold you to account for your actions.

Live Monthly Group Coaching

Join monthly sessions with other learners (max. 20). These sessions will help embed the learning, share experiences and including coaching activities.

Your Own Private Community

You coach will lead and curate your own small private community of learners. This will the same group you attend group coaching sessions with. Here you can share ideas and actions and hold each other to account. 

Online Learning

Full access to our growing library of specially curated energy packs designed to help optimise your energy in detail. 

Daily Energy Scores

We'll prompt you to keep track of you energy daily to spot trends and changes.

Energy Barometer

Regular calibration of your position by completing our Energy Barometer with results returned to you instantly in our Interact Energy Dashboard.

Action Planning

You own action planning process competed at the end of every pack, which feeds directly into your Coaching Detailed Scorecard and Action Diary. See all your notes and commitments in one place.

Access to our Wider Learner Community

Speak other like-minded people who are also on the same journey. Share experiences and learning. 

VIP with Ian Hacon

Everything in Self-Coached + Group Coaching + One-to-One Coaching, with our founder Ian Hacon for that ultimate accountability and action.
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