Professor Kevin Daniels of NBS, publishes report of effectiveness of

We are delighted to have our first research paper published on our behalf by Kevin Daniels of Norwich Business School at the University of East Anglia. Kevin is Professor in Organizational Behaviour, and has led a number of research project around the area of wellbeing at work. The research was conducted by Luke Daniells (no relation) under Kevin's supervision and was funded by EIRA. They concluded that "The results indicate that the programme has the potential to bring about beneficial changes in health behaviours and other aspects of wellbeing". 

As the research project commenced prior to the pandemic, the project had to be adapted from quantitate and qualitative based research to qualitative only. The main reason for this was that the methodology of had to completely adapt as a result of the pandemic, with the original plan of recruiting 60 employees from around a dozen employers into our fully immersive programme. The pandemic put employers priorities and budgets elsewhere. We adapted our offer, to provide a lighter touch 10 week programme which around 100 people participated in, in addition to the 14 that did complete the fully immersive programme before Covid. That 10-week programme and our immersive programme then formed the further iteration of to what is now our subscription based offer. 

Ian Hacon, Chief Energy Officer said "Whilst we were disappointed to not be able to complete the project as originally planned, we are delighted with the outcome. We'd love to work with UEA in the future to further evidence our outcomes." 

You can read the full report and our response to it in detail here.   
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