With being in a current lockdown, for most of us, this will probably mean not being as active to what we are normally.  The potential risk of sitting/laying around more is our lower backs becoming less healthy, due to poor posture, prolonged in 1 position etc.

So, I will list some lifestyle management tips to keep your lower back and spine healthy.


💥        First thing in the morning is an important time for the spine as we get out of bed.  Avoid bending the back within the first hour of being up.  Instead, squat or do a Golfers lift* when needing to pick something off the floor.  And bring your foot up to a chair or bench when needing to tie your shoelaces.

💥        When watching TV, especially box sets get out of your chair for 5 minutes every hour, but ideally after 20 minutes.  Keep posture upright, with lower back pressed against the back of the chair (prevents slouching), tv up at eye level.

💥        Mobility movements are very important to keep the back healthy.  Cat/camel and superman are two very basic movements that can be done daily.  3 sets of 10 of each, holding the end position for 4 seconds each time.

💥        Keeping your core strong is also very important, as it helps to support your lower back.  There are 3 key movements that can be done to help keep your core strong.  These are the advanced curl-ups, side bridges and dead bugs.  Again 3 sets of 10 for each.

💥        For simple chores like unloading the washing machine or brushing your teeth, keep the back flat and hinge at the hips, using a hand for support.


The list above is very simple and can easily be added to anyone’s lifestyle.  The idea is to keep on top of your physical fitness before issues arise.  4/5 adults will suffer from lower back pain at some point in their life, but if correct management was added throughout your daily living, the chances are then decreased.


*Golfers lift is going on 1 leg, with the other going out straight behind as you hinge at the hip, moving towards the floor.
f you are starting to feel the monotony of the current situation. Here are just a few ideas 💡 to help. 

Sam Gandy, Personal Trainer & Level 4 Qualified in Lower Back Pain Management

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