Gurpinder is an experienced Doctor with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry. Skilled in Healthcare Information Technology, Management, Leadership and Medical Education. As well as being a practising GP, he also has Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. He attained a Masters Degree from the University of Cambridge and completed his MBBS medical degree from Imperial College London. He is further engaged in a current MSc studying Healthcare Policy and Management at the University of Birmingham.


You will be pleased to hear that Gurpinder has already given all of our existing content a “green light” and continues to work behind the scenes on recruiting, vetting and approving content from our medical experts. He will have an ongoing quality assurance role. He may also produce some content himself for our platform and will be the co-host of the soon to launch Energise Me Podcast show, where he will join our founder Ian to interview experts in the field of all things energy optimisation, health, wellbeing and productivity.


Ian Hacon, Founder and Chief Energy Officer said “We are delighted to have Gurpinder joining our board, he has already added a great deal of value to our board both medically and strategically, and brings with him a wealth of medical knowledge and expertise. This means we can better serve you, our customers with even better content and experts to help you. He’s also a really great person, so will fit in with our culture really well”.


Gurpinder said “I’m delighted to join as CMO. When I first met Ian and looked at the proposition, I thought this is exactly what I have been looking for in a holistic Health and Wellbeing solution. The energy triangle ensures that you have balanced energy and wellbeing. Not only will it help you have more energy, be more productive and less stressed, but it could also become a major tool to help push forward preventive medicine in the UK and beyond”.


The first episode of the podcast, where Ian and Gurpinder will discuss “What is energy and why is it important?” is being recorded today and will be out very soon. You’ll also find out a lot more about Gurpinder in that Episode, so watch this space.

 If you are interested in becoming one of our experts, please get in touch. 

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